Protein Feeds & Attractants

All Buck Nuggets' products contain essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that includes some of the highest protein content available on the market. 83% of a buck's antler mass consists of protein during "velvet". Our ingredients allow more enzyme activity in the deer's digestive system, thus allowing greater nutrient absorption to grow bigger racks.

Feeding Buck Nuggets’ pellets free-choice from January through October will result in:

  • Higher Natural Intake Performance
  • Overall Deer Health
  • Increased Fawn Health
  • Healthier Doe Reproduction
  • Increase Antler Length & Mass

Buck N a Jug Attractant

Buck NA Jug is a premier attractant that has an enticing aroma and tastes that deer find irresistible. Simply pour and shoot.

$16.99 ea.

 Buck Nuggets 16 Pellets

Buck Nuggets 16 Pellets offer the consumer a more economical protein pellet with 16 Percent Protein. 16 pellets are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals to maintain deer herd nutritional needs.


50lb bag

Buck Nuggets Pellets

Buck Nuggets Pellets offer some of the highest protein content available (26%) thus promoting overall deer health and increasing the genetic potential for antler growth.
Notice increased deer population when feed free choice.

$19.99, $20.99 w/Plus20

50lb bag

Buck Nuggets Deer Feeder

Buck Nuggets Deer Feeder will keep your pellets dry and varmints out. It has a huge 1250 lbs capacity.

Buck Nuggets Plus 20

Plus 20 Tub is a molasses based product with all-natural additives." Results on pen-raised deer show an overall increase of 12-20% (total score) over pen-raised NOT on Plus 20 Tubs.

$90.00 ea.

New Plus 20 Bucket

Now get our most popular feed that adds inches and brings out the full genetic potential, locally at your own local feed mill. One 5 gallon bucket is enough Plus 20 additive to make 5 ton of feed.

$300.00 ea.


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